Build. Enhance. Bundle. Maintain.

Take your application development for desktop and mobile to the next level!
Build Android apps, Windows desktop applications and more directly from your ERP solution.

Create more with Reactor!

Whether AL, X++, C#, Typescript - no matter which programming language your ERP or system uses, implement processes on mobile devices and desktop platforms directly in the ERP code! Due to the same syntax, once developed modules can be easily transferred to other systems and languages.

One Code = Multiple Platforms

Via build pipelines, applications are generated from the same Reactor source code for up to five different platforms. These can be used by the end user for desktop applications, mobile devices and even wall-mounted or forklift terminals.

Seamless hardware integration without effort.

We strive to completely remove the burden of hardware implementation from ERP developers. RFID hardware, Bluetooth, native Android functionality, LIDAR scanners, augmented reality: you name it - we can implement it - if it's not already there. Completely separated from ERP and the code implementation layer, equally usable for all systems.

Supported operating systems

100% Replacable UI/UX & Backend

Our framework is fully backwards compatible with earlier versions. You'll never have to write the same module twice. We can switch framework source code and UI and never have to touch the ERP Fusion sources - your modules and projects are safe ;)

Explore the Reactor platform
The Reactor platform consists of three main parts Core, Services and Fusion. This includes everything from application deployment, license validation, billing, hierarchical component structure, hardware integration, offline operation and much more.

The Core is the heart of all Reactor applications and apps, it contains the service architecture, the UI/UX model and all other basic functionality.

Services includes Azure license logging APIs, databases, apps and customer platform, and billing logics.


Fusion refers to a framework that can be used to develop applications for desktops and mobile devices directly from ERP systems. These can be bundled directly into industry solutions and sold with them. Fusion applications are then activated via a simple license.

The Fusion runtime translates UI, actions and behavior from Fusion ERP code at runtime at the device and dynamically displays apps coming directly from your ERP!

UI, actions and behavior data are exchanged in a universally valid JSON format and can be generated using AL, X++, C# or typescript.

The Builder class in Fusion greatly simplifies the creation of applications for the programmer in the ERP and encapsulates certain calls and functions to make them easier and faster to use.